Archanes – unknown pearl on Crete.

Archanes village is a small and charming settlement not far from Heraklion and close to Yukhtas mountain. This village is surrounding by olive trees plantetions and grapeyards. It is one of the most historic and beautiful villages of Crete which we can’t wait for you to discover. Here’s everything you need to know about Archanes before planning your trip to Crete.

History of this village is going back to 3000BC, when  people started to build their settlement in this area. Later, during Minoan civilization, Minoans built here temples, palace and many ritual buildings, which were discovered during archelogical excavations in 20 cent.Many archaeological findings in and near Archanes could be seen in Archanes’s Archeological museum.

During Venetian ocuppation starting from 1205 many beautiful churches were built in Archanes. Later, Archanes distinguished by being a key location in the revolt of 1897 against the Ottomans.

There is plenty to see and do in Archanes itself – this is one of the most fascinating and beautiful historic villages in all Crete. Starting with history, Archanes is an ideal location for visiting archaeological sites. In the center of Archanes, at a place called “Turkogeitonia” (“Turkish neighborhood”), are the remains of a group of buildings thought to have been a Minoan palace. In nearby Vathypetro a Minoan villa was excavated. Here there was evidence of pottery production and the making of olive oil and wine.

There are beautiful churches of the Byzantine and Venetian periods in Archanes, including the Panagia church, Agia Pareskevi, Agia Triada, and Agios Giorgos. But these are not the only architectural treasures of Archanes. This village is famous for the excellence of its neoclassical architecture, which is otherwise not so common in Crete.

Today Archanes is one of the most beautiful village on Crete, with stonebuilt houses, old churches and numerous traditional taverns and coffee shops.

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