Elafonissi – one small Paradise on Crete.

The island of Crete has many different destinations interesting to everybody. But for sure thousand f visitors are going to visit one beautiful place – Elafonisi. Why this beach is so famous?

The reason is that this beach was voted as the 2nd beautiful beach in the World!

Today you will find here clean sandy beach, sometimes you may see even strips of pink sand, a very nice and clean sea water.

Elafonisi today is a national reservation under European protection “NATURA-2000”. There are different endemic plants grow here, you may find many fossils uder your feet.

In the sea one can see different kinds of fish, octopuses, sherds of broken amphoras and many many sea shells.

Local authorities are trying to keep this area as it was hundred years ago – wild and clean, that’s why you will not find here hotels and big spa-resorts.

There is a light house on the island Elafoniso, which was destroyed during WWII, and ruins could be visited today.

It worse to spend all day long in Elafonissi, walking inside of blue lagoon, admiring landscapes and relaxing. The road, going to Elafonisi, is old traditional road narrow and serpantine with a very old tunnel of Topolia. It is a big fun to pass it!!!

If you will visit Crete – do not hesitate to visit Elafonisi!!

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