Vehicles “Made in Greece”.

Somehow it is generally accepted that Greece has everything, but no mechanical engineering. Nevertheless, this small country produced three interesting passenger cars. Of course, trucks are also being assembled for the needs of the army, but this is already the topic of another post!

  1. “Pony” is a legendary car produced by NAMCO (Thessaloniki). This machine was sold throughout Greece in thousands of copies. Despite the fact that production was stopped for many decades ago, “Pony” can still be found sometimes in the cities of Greece. And its cost does not fall below 3-4 thousand euros! Several attempts were made to revive this brand, but alas, the project never came to fruition (I don’t want to think that the intrigues of European automakers, which do not need extra competition, played a significant role here). Engine displacement from 950 cc to 1600 cc. The car was produced in various modifications, including for the Armed Forces of Greece, and was exported to more than 14 countries.
  2. KORES P4 is a supercar with an engine capacity of 7.000 cc and 505 hp. Production began in 2014 and the cost of the car is more than 240 thousand euros. Custom built car. Today it is a unique supercar that can move equally both on the track and off-road!
  3. Repicar Car Hellas – hand-assembled one-off cars. All models are based on Porsche cars from the 50-60s. The cost of the car is from 38 thousand euros and more.
  4. And finally, my favorite vehicle, which I call the Greek “Ferrari” – “Regina”. It is truly a legendary vehicle for Greek villages! Having an old motorcycle two-stroke engine, this miracle flies through the village loudly in the blue smoke of exhaust gases! This miracle of a car or motorcycle industry was produced until 1975, literally almost on its knees, and today the price for such, in a terrible state, does not fall below 500-600 euros! The Greeks call Vergina – FURKONI, from the Italian Furgione.

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