A giant squid’s baby was found on cretan beach.

This week people, walked on the beach of Kokini Hani, found a giant squid’s baby longer then 1 m. They called immedeatelly to Mediterranean Researching Center. Specialists, who came in a short time to the beach, announced that dead body belong to very rare kind of deepwater squid. We do not know too much about this beast. It is known that there are huge squids live in Pacific Ocean, longer then 10 m. There are …

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Mediterranean diet 2021.

Greece has assumed the presidency and coordination of the actions that will be carried out within the framework of the “Mediterranean Diet” network in the year 2021. Specifically, according to a relevant announcement of the Maniatakeio Foundation, the presidency will focus on strengthening the cooperation of the network, as well as the connection of the nutritional model with education, sustainability and the impact of climate change. In particular, the municipality of Pylos-Nestoros and the Maniatakeio …

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