Kleftes – heroes or robbers?

Today I would like to tell an inquisitive reader about a whole layer of Greek culture, which played a big role in the liberation struggle of the Greeks against the Turks – about the Clefts. Kleftis is literally a thief in English or a robber. During the Ottoman rule, in the north of Greece spontaneous detachments of partisans, fighters against the Turks, began to appear.Later, the sea Clefts arose – pirates who attacked Turkish ships, …

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Greek Christmas cookies

There are many dishes are cooking during Greek Xmas, but melomakarona and kourabiedes are most famous. You can meet them in any family. The two traditional Christmas sweets are an integral part of Christmas and New Year’s festivities and are present at almost every table. The word is coming from the medieval Greek word “Makaronia” (Μακαρωνία), which was a food eaten at a meal after funerals. It was based on pasta, and signified that the …

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Archanes – unknown pearl on Crete.

Archanes village is a small and charming settlement not far from Heraklion and close to Yukhtas mountain. This village is surrounding by olive trees plantetions and grapeyards. It is one of the most historic and beautiful villages of Crete which we can’t wait for you to discover. Here’s everything you need to know about Archanes before planning your trip to Crete. History of this village is going back to 3000BC, when  people started to build …

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It’s Time To Travel

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